Schedule of Rate

Scheduled waste is any wastes that prossess hazardous characteristics and have the potential to adversely affect to the public health and environment.
No. Waste Code Description    
1 SW305 Spent Lubricating Oil    
2 SW306 Spent Hydraulic Oil    
3 SW307 Spent mineral oil-water emulsion    
4 SW309 Oil water mixture / slop oil    
5 SW311 Spent waste oil / Oily Sludge    
6 SW312 Oil residue from automation workshop, services station, oil or grease interceptor    
7 SW314 Oil or sludge from oily refinery plant maintenance operation    
8 SW322 Waste of non-halogenated solvents    
9 SW323 Waste of halogenated solvents    
10 SW408 Contaminated soil, debris or matter resulting from cleaning-up    
11 SW409 Contaminated container, Drum, Carboy    
 12  SW410 Contaminated rags, gloves, plastics and papers    

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